Precious Metal Sector – Gold, Silver & Mining

Philip and I have been advocating the importance of holding gold and silver in your own investment portfolio since 2004 due to the knowledge we have in global market trends and being highly skilled in technical analysis of stock market sectors. We would not have been doing our job correctly if we had missed out on the recent moves we have been seeing in the precious metal markets.

Gold barsWhen we started to take an interest in the precious metal sector we were extremely conservative with the % that we had allocated to this sector from our investment fund. We conducted some high level due diligence on the charts and the overall market condition to see where and how hard we would see fit to add to our position. We also further drilled down on our technical analysis to the mining companies in these sectors and started to find some real interesting opportunities.

Our holding percentage of precious metals and companies associated with (PM)

I will not disclose the amount invested as I think this is personal to each investor and the facilities they have available to invest but what is being disclosed below is the percentage allocated to the different types of precious metal investing models:

Physical Precious Metal (bullion) = 50% allocation

SLVGLD (Physical gold & silver tracked ETF) = 25% allocation

SLW (silver Proxy – Very interesting business model) 12.5% allocation

AEM, SSRI, AUY, RIO, (Mining Stocks – Last allocation spread out over these stocks) 12.5% allocation

Over the years these allocated amounts have altered and adjusted due to buy and sell areas and also due to our technical analysis we conduct on our charts but we do still have a good holding in the stocks and physical ownership. Over the years we have consistently profited from the precious metal sector and hope to do so until we see some dramatic shift in momentum which is not caused by manipulation of this sector.

You can read more about our investment psychology behind the precious metal sector and other great free technical stock market education material at our trading website. Please contact us for more details.

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