The Momentum is Growing! Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities

Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities

Since the US Senate passed the Crowdfunding Bill to allow Crowdfunding investments, the hype surrounding this market sector is gathering momentum! The Bill is legalizing the Crowdfunding business model as the CROWDFUND Act is an amendment to the JOBS Act! … [Private Equity >>>]

Crowdfunding Investment Opportunity – MicroLoanTrack Cloud Based Software

Microfinance Software Microloantrack

What do you do when you’re sitting on three decades of software development that used to sell at $10,000 a pop, when packages now sell for next to nothing? Answer – give it away. Robert Cash, CEO Open Loan Systems, Ltd In an ever evolving market sector such as the banking sector, this quote couldn’t be more relevant and prolific right now with the changes that are taking place. With over 12,000 officially recognised MicroFinance institutions controlling an estimated $2.5 billion of … [Private Equity >>>] Inspires & Motivates Parents

Beyond the school run

Do you love being a parent but you feel that you have more to give? If so, (BTSR) is a new website that offers you inspiration to either use your existing skills to find a new direction, or finding something completely new that you can get your teeth into. … [Private Equity >>>]

Espresso Machine For The Car

Portable espresso machine

Ask Philip or I what vice’s we both indulge in and the answer given hands down would be coffee! Without sounding a coffee snob Philip and I take the consumption of coffee extremely seriously! That did sound a bit over the top but when it comes to digesting the mornings market news it’s important that we are being fuelled with only the best coffee experience! … [Private Equity >>>]

Solar Electricity Generation Technology Using Thermal Tower & Heliostats

solar heliostats field

Esolar and Torresol Energy are at the forefront of the Thermosolar electricity generation technology. This technology is one that fills me with excitement when I see the electricity that can be produced from Heliostat fields as the technology that … [Private Equity >>>] Satire Show Crowdfunding For Finance and headcastlab logo

Mobile technology is something Philip and I are heavily invested in and due to our geeky nature and obsession with gadgets this sector is something we scrutinise as consumers ourselves! Fizcast Ltd is the company behind one of the latest … [Private Equity >>>]

To infinity and beyond; Space Tourism e-Lottery

Space Shuffle e lottery space tourism

With all the news surrounding Ashton Kutcher and his ticket to outer space, space tourism has never been so cool! There is a boat load of publicity out there at the moment about the Virgin Galactic Space Flight and how all of their test flights … [Private Equity >>>]

The Bio Fuel Company That Feeds Nature & Combustion – Aurora Algae

Aurora Algae Bio Fuel

In 2006 Philip and I attended the Bio Fuel Expo in Nottingham (UK). This was the time when collecting chip fat from fast food restaurant establishments was all the rage! There were some down sides to the business model in order for Philip and I to … [Private Equity >>>]